Yueqing Sufa Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1992, which is located in Liushi, Zhejiang well known for Electrical Appliance Capital, south to Wenzhou Development Area, North to beautiful Yandang Mountain, close to 104 national way and Yong-Tai-Wen express way. It is 20km away from Wenzhou Port. Therefore, the geography environment is very superior, and the traffic is very convenient.
     My company to quality products and good corporate reputation, won the trust of the broad masses of users, now has nearly hundreds of users, products sold throughout the country and southeast Asia countries and regions, and by the vast number of users to support and cooperation .
     Sufa specializes in researching, developing, producing and selling the reduction gear, possesses kinds of professional technologists who have abundant experience and first-rank manufacturing technology, in addition, Sufa presents scientific producing technology, advanced production devices, special digital control device and reasonable modular design, quenching, gear grinding, assembly technology of streamline, in order to guarantee the best assembly quality, we make sure we can supply the reduction gears with best ratio of performance & price.
     Main products:
     1.Planetary cycloidal-pin wheel reduction gear and mated special machine. Total 150 kinds for X, B series, WB series.
     2.SFB series straight-line conjugation inner mesh gear pump, single-class low pressure pump, single-class middle pressure pump, double-class high pressure pump.
     3.Researched and developed by ourselves: BCJ, BS, WB series micro cycloidal-pin wheel reduction gears have been produced in bulk. This product is a new driving machine composed with fractional horsepower motor (Other motors available) and micro cycloidal-pin wheel which are in direct connection.
     This machine is reasonable in design, the organization is compact, it is reliable to use, presents features of high speed ratio , high efficiency, low noise, long service life, light weight, convenient to install, good interchangeability. The micro cycloidal-pin wheel reduction gears can be installed and used in any positions, any angle and direction according to user’s requirements. It shows the obvious technical economic benefit in the practice.
     The products are widely applied  to the light industry , food , textile , pharmacy , packaging , chemical industry , instrument , instrument , machinery and electronics industry, and can form a transport driving part mated with kinds of assembly line.
     Our company can also design and make various kinds of small power reduction gear according to the customer's requirements, timely delivery, implement three-guarantee.
     SFB series straight-line conjugation inner mesh gear pump is new design, it has hydraulic power elements with international advanced level. It is widely used for the hydraulic system in different fields like mining, project, plastic, petrol & chemical, construction & machine, auxiliary engine of power station, process center ( for instance, battery fork lift truck, injection moulding machine, die-casting machine, pipe bending machine, punching shear machine, bending machine, pulverizer, test machine for material, rubber flat sheet, vulcanizing machine, forging machine tool, briquetting press, etc.).
     The product presents compact structure, small size for appearance, convenient connection.
     The size for connecting flange conforms to national standard and international standard. According to user’s requirement, the pipe thread can be mounted at outlet to connect flange.
     Low noise, little pressure fluctuation
     Tooth profile of SFB pump gear is the straight line, and the tooth profile of gear ring is the conjugation curve of straight line. When the gear and gear ring meshes, there is hardly pocketed oil area, so the pressure fluctuation can be reduced up to approximate to omit.
     Good lubricating condition, reliable application
     Working medium of SFB pump is hydraulic oil, when it runs, the gear, shaft and gear ring are dipped into the lubricant. High manufacturing accuracy can ensure the best oil film thickness, thus, the abrasion on the parts surface can be avoided, it gets the unexpected long service life
     Fine self suction
     It takes long time to suck the oil ( the angle of inhalation oil area beyond 90°), shows fine self inhalation, so it is permitted to install the oil-suction filter.
     Little sensitive to medium pollution
     High pressure outlet
     High pressure pump is connected by Class II pump in series, and the Class II pump can bear the pressure difference between inlet and outlet, it can get the pressure of outlet not need adding the bearing, load and load at gear side.
     High serialization
     Designed with the standard components, whole series has three grades like low pressure, middle pressure, high pressure. The discharge occupies large area. Supply kinds of inlet and outlet oil ways for customers.