Core idea: be innovative, be curious, and be harmonious; realize to grow up together.
     1.Be innovative, that is to be innovative at any moment, and regard innovation as developing force for enterprise;
     2.Be curious, that is to establish a curious unit, and regard study as source of innovation;
     3.Be harmonious, insist on science, the enterprise should realize to develop with the society in harmonious and continuously;
     4.Grow up together:
     Sufa will be willing to try all the cooperation methods that are helpful for staff and enterprise to grow up together. The flexible mechanism of private enterprise offered the best platform for talents to realize their own values, this not only can offer opportunities for others, but also give ourselves chance to win business.
     Idea for enterprise management: construct the enterprise into a school, army and family.
     1. Construct the enterprise into a school. Sufa engaged in constructing the company into a curious unit, because the development of an enterprise depends on staff’s learning ability.
     Now, Sufa is planning to found a college for workers and staff.
     2. Construct the enterprise into a family. This idea supports for “Grow up together”. Sufa is not only cares shareholder’s benefit, but also cares staff’s benefit, we let the staff share the benefit. We hope more and more staff becomes shareholder to establish the enterprise better during the growth of the company. “Grow up together”is an important managing idea during company’s growing.
     3.Construct the enterprise into an army. Enterprise needs a standardized management. We set a competition system, full of challenges, including personal achievement evaluating, name placing in a competition and eliminating the worst one.