In order to fully realize the tenet of “serve users, be responsible for users, and make users satisfy”, please refer to the follows for our promise to the product quality and service:
     1.Guarantee to offer excellent before-sale and after-sale services for users, introduce the properties of product for users before ordering, offer relevant information, try to be a good guide for users.
     2.Visit the key customers often for quality problem, improve the product performance according to users’ requirements in time, and finally improve the product quality.
     3.The quality warranty period is 15 months if it starts from the manufacturing date (according to the date marked on the qualified certificate or product), and it will be 12 months if it starts from the purchasing date (according to the date of invoice), and our company will be responsible for the quality problem that appears during the warranty period.
     4.Guarantee to fulfill “three-guarantee” of the products, if there is any quality problem during the period of “three-guarantee”, we will fulfill the compensation responsibility strictly that stipulated in the contract.
     5.The products that exceed the time limit of “three guarantee”, we will still offer service.
     6.Guarantee to exchange products according to the contract, if need technical support, then we will send technologists to help the acceptance inspection, installation and adjustment work.
     Yueqing Sufa Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
     Hotline for customer service:0577-62651082 or 13806861182