Meet different requirements to encourage talents
     According to Maslow’s theory of different groups showing different demands, the company analyses the needs of different employees, while taking different incentive measures to meet demands of them. The company invests a large number of fund, and has set up dormitory buildings, staff's dining room, entertainment center, have offered a comfortable job and living environment to staff. The company has established endowment insurance system for employees, thus, the employees can be looked after well in their old age, their worry about the old age life can be eliminated. The company holds a scientific and technological conference every two years, to praise the outstanding scientific workers, offer giving ample rewards and high honor title to scientific and technical personnel awarded according to " Sufa 16 Clauses of science and technology "; The company has set down the strict evaluation system, and the evaluation result is in touch with the salary directly, thus, the staff's enthusiasm improves greatly ; Sufa respects every employees, Sufa’ employees that is the host of Sufa, facing to system of company, everyone is equal.