The market research: planetary cycloid reducer is 60 years of quarantine. Because of its large reduction ratio, compact structure, small size, low noise, high mechanical efficiency, long service life, mechanical industry was valued by all walks of life. In recent years, cycloid reducer manufacturing developed rapidly, more and more wide range of applications.

    Domestic production cycloidal reducer, in the model specifications, the X series focused on X2-X11 based on its B series focused on B15-B55 type, while motor power concentrated in the 0.75-40KW range, for small power, especially in 0.37KW following micro cycloid reducer is still blank, the market prospect is broad. According to the food, printing, textile, plastics, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, chemicals, machinery, and production lines such as the rapid development of machinery industry, for low-power, small size of the mechanical deceleration drive devices have higher requirements.

    To this end, the company aimed at the market dynamics, the development of this product. After many years has proved that this series has all the characteristics of ordinary gear, the same time realized the need for the user at any location, the direction of the installation at any angle. Well received by the trust of customers and welcome. And receive strong support and cooperation to get a comprehensive product promotion and application.