1、Table 1 and table 2 are for standard machine. You can choose suitable machine according to the required input power. Usually, we adopt series Y and YA safety-increase motor for direct-connect motor.

    2、Table 3 indicates torque and radial permitted by output shaft of kinds of reduction gears at different speed ratios, you can choose the suitable gears according to the torque of output shaft required.

    3、Table 1 and table 2 are under the condition of stable load, daily work for 8 hours, operating condition factor K=1.0; if the operating condition changes, then multiply the calculate value by actual operating condition factor K. (Please refer to table 6 and table 7 in page 17 for operating condition factor).

    4、Rated voltage of Y series direct-connect motor matched for planet cycloidal-pin wheel reduction gear is 380V. 50Hz, adopt connection method Y for 3KW and below 4KW, higher connection method △ for 4 KW and above.

    5. Choose the right machine: this machine is designed with fixed torque.

    (1) Usually, if the outline size of machine is different, then the power for different speed ratio is different though it is the same machine type; in the table, “ ● ”, “ ○ ” and “ △ ” means standard machine that under being assigned power speed ratio and rev of input shaft, they can be chosen directly.

    (2) When apply products of double shaft, if the revs of input shaft and input power do not comply with the stipulated data in table 1 and table 2, then please accord to table 3. If the input revs is changed (when driven by varying speed motor or variable speed gear), please confirm according to the actual operating condition. If the power is unchanged, please choose the machine type according to the lowest revs, if the torque is unchanged, please choose the machine type according to the highest revs. (Please consider the operating condition factor and loss of efficiency).

    (3)According to different working condition, please multiply corresponding operating condition factor to choose the suitable machine type (see table 6 and table 7).


    1. Working condition

    1)Driving machine: belt conveyer that sends material equably.

    2)Working time: work continuously around the clock.

    3)Revs of input shaft of cycloid reduction gear: 1450 turns/min.

    4)Revs of low-speed shaft: about 40 turns/min.

    5)Starting torque is 1.4 times of working torque. (See table 6, within 160% of the highest instantaneous load).

    6)Load power 5.5KW.

    7)Connection method for output shaft: coupler

    Type choosing:

    Operating condition factor: take 1.2 (see table 6 and table 7)

    2)speed ratio i==36.25takei=35
    3)Calculate the output torque M when the operating condition factor is 1.2:
    Formula M=

    Look up the torque of output shaft for 6# machine whose speed ratio is 35 in table 3, and get that the torque is 196IN.m, and 1370N.m<196IN.m, so you can choose the type XWD5.5-6-35.

    Example 2:

    A agitator that used as kettle for chemical reaction, used to stir solid and liquid mixture, working time: daily work continuously for 24hours, input rotary speed: 500 turns/min, output rotary speed: 15 turns/min, working torque: 2579N.m, instantaneous torque under peak load is 200% of working torque.

    Type choosing

    ① speed ratio =33.3 takei=35


    ② First look up agitator in table 7 and get load classification and learns that the solid liquid mixture belongs to type II and middle impact load, also get the operating condition factor is 1.35.

    ③ Actual demand torque: 2597N.mX1.35=3505N.m
Instantaneous torque under peak: 3505X200%=7010N.m

    Look up the torque of output shaft for standard product in table 3, get the torque is 4413N.m, according to table 6, its allowed max instantaneous torque is 4413X160%=7060N.m, so you can choose XI-8-1/35 type machine.

Table of operating condition factor Table 6
Stable Middle-stage impact Large impact
Motor Continue 3h/day 0.8 1.0 1.35

8-10 h/day

1.0 1.2 1.5
24 h/day 1.2 1.35 1.6


Note: 1. Max instantaneous load or starting load can ’ t exceed 160% of rated load.

      2. Multi-cylinder engine as prime mover, the working condition and load property shown in the data table, can choose K=1.0 ~ 1.7 。

      3. Single-cylinder engine as prime mover, the working condition and load property shown in the data table, can choose K=1.2 ~ 1.8 。
Table for reduction gear application and loadsort
Table 7
Application Load sort Application Load sort
Agitator Pure liquid *Plastic extruding machine Thin film
Liquid and solid Bar
Liquid (Density can be changed) Pipe
Fan Centrifugal type Blow molder
Vane type Winding engine ( Hoist engine ) Heavy type
Impeller typ Middle-size type

Air compressor

Centrifugal type Roller way
Impeller typ Crusher ( mineral )
Reciprocating type(Multi-cylinder) Hammer type crusher
Reciprocating type(Single-cylinder) Concrete agitator  


( Stable load )


Plate type Petrol industry Pressure filter
Belt type Crystal and congealer
Bucket type Rubber and plastic industry *
     Rubber crusher
Plate type *
     Mixing roll
Chain type *
     Refining machine


(Heavy load

No uniform feeding)


Spiral type *
     Rubber calender
Belt type Spinning industry Loom
Bucket type Carding engine (delaine)
Chain type Mangle
Reciprocating type Spinning machine
Spiral type Washing machine
Oscillatory type      
Note:①Ⅰ -stable load; Ⅱ- Middle load; Ⅲ-Large impact load 。
      ② Determined as per 24h/day