一、Application and maintenance

    (一) Application

    1.This machine is suitable for continuous work system, and is allowed to run along with CW and CCW.

    2. When the output shaft and input shaft are matched with other parts, please don ’ t hammer it directly, otherwise, it would be damaged.

    3. The key on the shaft body of output shaft and input shaft should be chosen according to the normal flush key size stipulated ( GB1096-79 ) . The fit tolerance of D 4 diameter rabbet on base of output terminal of vertical reduction gear should comply to the regulations of tolerance fitted ( GB1800-1804-79 ) h9.

    4、When make use of shaft coupling to connect the working machine with motor, the shaft line should be concentric, the installation error of reduction gear should not exceed the allowed limit value.

    5. When installation is finished, operate the reduction gear by manual, it should be flexible.

    6. General shaft line of output shaft of horizontal double-shaft reduction gear is in level, if it must be incline, then the elevation angle of axle should not be higher than 15 0 , (Shaft extension end of output shaft should be downward.).

    7. The shaft extension end of output shaft of vertical reduction gear should be vertical and downward, the above 4 # lubricating grease is supplied for it, it can be used in level.

    8. Before formal operation of the reduction gear, please proceed commissioning, if the operation that without load is normal, then you can add load on the machine.

    9. If impact load is rather large, and it ’ s frequent to start, please match with the local pin for the base, or choose hydraulic coupler.

    10. Notice: When the machine ex stores, the machines of type 0 # ~ 4 # , 42 # , 420 # have been filled with lubricating grease, and other machines will leave without lubricant, before operating, make sure that the lubricant should be enough.

??? 11. Choose lubricating grease according to table 8 for the environmental temperature, if used under the condition that is beyond the listed temperature ( -10C ~ 50C ) , please consider other lubricant, or contact with us.


    (二) Lubricate

    1、Please refer to table 8 for choose the lubricant and lubricating way. When installed in incline, you can adopt the grease to lubricate, vertical type of higher than 5 # will be lubricated in circle with the oil pump, the oil transfer pump of gear is connected with three-phase asynchronous motor directly. Before start the machine, please start the oil pump micro motor to see if the oil pump is in normal condition, if not, please change the phase of micro motor wires, as the oil pump runs according to direction designated. The oil pump is in normal condition, the oil height should be kept in the middle of the oil scale, and the oil filter should be installed firmly, and clean it regularly. At last, there should be an “o” ring in the connection position of oil pump and connection place of end face of reduction gear to avoid leaking the oil.

    2、Feed and change oil

    Please change the oil after two weeks of the first oil-feeding, and clean the inner machine. After that, please change oil every 3~6 months. If the environment temperature is rather high or damp, please shorten the oil changing period. During operation, the oil height in the reduction gear should be kept at a certain position, neither too much nor tool little (see table 9), when you want to feed oil, just open the base or the abet-vent on the flange.

????3. Lubricating way and lubricating oil


Lubricating way Lubricating
Stage I Stage II Stage II En
Industrial extrusion gear oil recommended
Model Horiz
Vertical Model Horiz
Vertical Model Horiz
Vertical Domestic ISO


420 Lubricating



Oil bath type

Plunger pump 53

Oil bath type Gear pump 742

Oil bath type Gear pump 0

70号 EP150

Gear pump 30

90号 EP220~ 460

    Lubricating grease of reduction gear manufactured by Tianjin Hangu Chemical Factory is recommended to use (00# lubricating grease of reduction gear)

    (3) Maintenance (Assemble and disassemble)

    Our company produces various of cycloidal reduction gear, whose structure is the same, and the disassembly and assembly is the similar. Before disassembling, please first discharge the lubricant, if it is vertical reduction gear, please disassemble the oil pump first, please refer to diagram 4 for the procedure.

    1、Disassembly: Loose the connecting bolt, disassemble the 4 and 7 parts first, and later disassemble parts 20, 21, 14, 10 and 6. The procedure of assembly is just opposite to this order.


    Please pay attention to the following points when assemble:

    1)Before assemble, clean all the parts.

    2)Coat lubricant to the moving surface to form a primary lubricating condition.

    3)The mark A and B of the two cycloidal-pin wheels should be coincided, and the character should be upward.

    4)Play attention on the tightness of spring that in the rubber oil seal, and coat grease on it.

    5)After assembling, fill in lubricant or lubricating grease, oil height of horizontal type should reach the requirement in table 9, and the oil height of vertical type should reach the middle of oil scale.

    6)Run the high-speed shaft by manual and check it, if no fault appears, then operate the machine without load. To the vertical reduction gear, please also check the oil pump condition, if all are in normal, then it can be put into operating.

    7)When disassemble the direct-connecting type, proceed strictly according to the requirement never disassemble the motor flange first.


1、 Output shaft 2, 16 Dead ring 3. Gland 4. Base 5. Input shaft 6. Eccentric sleeve 7. Pin wheel housing 8. Pin bush 9. Pin 10. Spacer ring 11. Abet-vent 12. Wheel pin 13. Wheel roller 14. Cycloidial wheel 15 Flange 17. Fan leaf 18. Fan guard 19.Limit ring 20. Retaining ring for shaft 21. Retaining ring 22. Retaining ring 23. Retaining ring 24. Retaining ring
Table 9 Oil height of cycloidial-pin wheel reduction gear (Horizontal type)

Oil height of Horizontal type reduction gear
Model Oil height H Model Oil height H Model Oil height H
5 115 53 115 742 180
6 140 63 160 842 220
7 150 74 170 853 210
8 175 84 200 953 255
9 220 85 200 1063 290
10 240 95 230 1174 375
11 320 106 260 1284 490
12 435 117 340 1285 490
    128 450