一、Characteristics of micro-reduce
    1, reduction ratio, and efficiency. This series of single-stage reduction ratio reducer 9 to 87, two-stage reduction ratio of 121 ~ 1849, the use of a three-level reduction, the reduction ratio greater than 90% mechanical efficiency.
    2 As a result of planetary transmission structure, the input shaft and output shaft axis in the same line, so that was the smallest possible size models, it is compact, small, very light weight.
    3, as used in rolling contact, the main components used a high-carbon chromium steel GCr15 and after quenching, hardness HRC58-62. So durable, reliable and long life.
    4, this series reducer reducer with all the features of ordinary things, as with grease lubrication, easy to spill, while achieving the needs of the user may, at any position, any angle of the direction of installation.

 二、Micro-reducer machine model, reduction ratio and Representation
    1, model and reduction ratio:
    a, single-stage reduction ratio model with WB65-type, WB100-type, WB120-type, WB150-type, the reduction ratio respectively 9,11,17,23,29,35,43,59,71,87.
    b, two-stage reduction ratio model with E, WBE1065 type, WBE1285 type, WBE1510 type. The reduction ratio are: 121,187,289,385,473,595,731,989,1225,1849.


    Section micro cycloid reducer that single-stage or two stage reduction and reduction machine model. Section II of that base form is installed with a motor. Section III said the reduction ratio, the fourth quarter, said motor power, in watts as a unit.
    Example: WB100-WD-43-250, said micro cycloid reducer, machine model 100, single-stage reduction, horizontal installation, with a three-phase four-pole AC motor, reduction ratio 1:43, the electrical power of 250 watts.
WB85-W-35 that lost micro cycloidal reducer, machine model 85-type, single-stage reduction, horizontal installation, with no motor, reduction ratio 1:35.
    WBE1065-LD-121-120, said micro cycloid reducer, machine type 1065 model, two-stage reduction, vertical base installation form, with three-phase four-phase AC motor, reduction ratio 1:121, the electrical power of 120 watts.

    ● Description ● model code
    This series of slow single-stage model 65 type, 85 type, 100, 120, 150, the meaning of center of each shell diameter needle teeth and determined.
    Two-stage model of the 1065 model is the series of single-stage model 100 models and 65 types of combinations.
    Two-stage model of the 1285 model is the series of single-stage models 120 and 85 types of combination models.
    Two-stage model of the 1510 model is the series of single-stage models 150 and 100 of the combination of models.


    四、Cycloid micro reducer driving principle
    Cycloid transmission gear reducer is a planetary transmission with a novel principle of transmission machinery design, Figure 1 is a simple internal meshing planetary gear transmission organizations, the number of teeth based planet P, the fixed internal gear teeth for the S, eccentric transfer arm rotation speed of the public W1, the rotation angle of the planet wheel W2, the planetary gear transmission according to principles, W1 W2 angular velocity of the relationship than any of the following:
If S and R in the style of the tooth number difference of 1, you can get the maximum reduction ratio:
The use of this involute Gallery, tooth tip interference occurs, the needle inside the tooth for short pieces of gear profile for planets outside the cycloid (cycloidal) constitute the cycloid tooth profile reducer (Figure 2 below) to achieve the ideal without tooth interference Gallery tooth difference of a transmission. Planets on the one hand to high-speed revolution, the same time have low into the rotation, this rotation was slow out, can achieve the purpose of slowing. Figure 3 shows the arc gear tooth sector within the corridor of constant velocity is low output mechanism, the arm (high-speed axis) center of concentric circles on the OS, the same arrangement of the pin pitch, the planetary gear (cycloid round) center of concentric circles on OP, the same tooth pitch lined hole (ie pin hole), hole diameter than the pin diameter, and the difference of transfer arm 2 times the eccentricity e (2e) When the pin and the shaft hole meshing, you can remove the produce from the planetary gear revolution eccentric exercise, slow down the rotation of the campaign to pass through the pin coaxial with the input shaft on the low speed shaft.
    Figure 4 shows the combination of the two cycloidal reducer mechanical drive schematic.