SFB Series Linear conjugate internal gear pump is a novel design, with international advanced level of hydraulic power components. It is widely used in mining machinery, engineering machinery, plastics machinery, metallurgical machinery, power station auxiliaries, petrochemical machinery, machining centers, construction machinery and other machinery (such as fork truck, injection molding machines, die-casting machine, bending machine, punching and shearing machine, folding machine, coal machine, material testing machine, rubber vulcanizing machine, forging machine, brick press, etc.) of the hydraulic system.
Now available on the market dosing pumps with hydraulic vane pump, piston pump, screw pump, internal and external gear pumps and other structures. By comparison, linear conjugate internal gear pump has the best performance (see appendix).
Linear conjugate internal gear pump has the following advantages:
    ● compact structure, small size, convenient connections
Flange dimensions to national and international standards. According to the needs of the oil in and out of mouth take over the thread flanges increase.
    ● low noise and small pressure fluctuation
SFB pump gear tooth profile for the straight line, ring gear tooth profile conjugate to a straight line curve. Chi Lun Chiquanniehe O’clock Jihu Meiyoukunyou District
Er Shi pressure fluctuation reduced to negligible levels.
    ● lubrication conditions are good, reliable
SFB pump working medium is hydraulic oil, work gear, shaft, ring gear are immersed in lubricating oil inside. The manufacture of high precision to ensure
The best film thickness, thus allowing the surface to avoid wear and tear parts, was exceptionally high service life.
    ● Good self-priming
SFB long continuous process of absorbing the pump (suction zone point of view covering more than 90 ℃), good performance from the suction (vacuum up to 0. 03MPa),
Allow the installation of suction filters.
Less sensitive to the medium pollution
    ● High outlet pressure
High-pressure pump will be two series, respectively from the two assume the pump pressure difference between the import and export, without an increase in lateral load bearing capacity and the tooth can be
Outlet pressure was high.
    ● high series
Standard component design, the series has low, medium, high voltage three levels. Displacement of large coverage, also based on user needs
Providing access to the double-pump oil line.