First,Development SBJ-02 slope-type plastic machine income ballast necessity and significance of 
    Rail transport is the main mode of transport in China, with the speed and potential high speed rail (high speed) railway construction, how to ensure the safety of rail transport as one of the major problems facing the rail line in terms of quality and safety are an important of status. According to the Ministry of Railways greatly raise the level of line maintenance equipment requirements of mechanization, mechanization of line maintenance equipment is an inevitable trend of development. To this end, the Railway Bureau in recent years has increased investment in conservation of equipment, substantial increase in the level of line maintenance and efficiency of mechanization. But for most of the rail line, the current is still a large number of artificial maintenance of the backward way, labor-intensive, low operating efficiency, operating quality assurance more difficult. Therefore, line maintenance equipment to improve the level of mechanization is a very urgent task.
    As a railway track maintenance of the track bed ballast recycling and slope shaping operations is to ensure that the geometric state of the railway line to prevent a major expansion rail track maintenance and repair operations. Currently, the maintenance of domestic appliances are mainly operating a vehicle and receive ballast mechanical hydraulic slope, is large and larger maintenance equipment. However, the above weight maintenance equipment, heavy, high operating costs, transportation difficulties, inconvenient for the upper and lower Road, be closed operations, therefore, for most of the rail line, using a large collection ballast device is greatly limited, so the great conservation work Some are still way behind artificial conservation. For the above, design of a simple, light weight, low failure rate, easy maintenance, Road and down fast, the next road after the invasion and bound not to reduce labor intensity and improve operational efficiency, ensure quality of operations, for the extension was a small machine Plastic collection ballast type slope maintenance machinery to meet the needs of conservation work is necessary, but also very practical significance.

Second, an overview of
    SBJ-02 slope income ballast type light shaping machine is applied in the railway track bed ballast line plastic recycling and slope maintenance machinery. It is mainly from the power sector, mechanical clutch agencies, collection ballast bodies, course organization, racks and other components. This machine is for the public works department of the railway track bed ballast recycling and slope shaping, replacing manual research and development of a portable and practical small-scale road maintenance machinery, is a simple, light weight, easy maintenance and quick up and down Road, Lower Road, after bound and so does not invade the same time, improve efficiency, reduce labor intensity and to ensure the quality of operations. Therefore, the aircraft is recovered and the track bed ballast shaping an ideal slope maintenance machinery.
Third, the principle outlined
    SBJ-02 slope-type plastic machine revenue to small-scale import of ballast gasoline-powered, through the slider-type flexible coupling, gear-driven operation, the chain driven by the driving wheel clutch body. Income ballast, press the operating handle, through a coupling mechanism so that movement of recovery with resumption ballast to drive up revenue collection ballast ballast rake purpose.
Fourth, the main structure and parameter
1, Main technical parameters
    Gasoline Engine Rated Power: 1.76KW
    Gasoline Max power: 2.2KW
    The largest collection ballast height: 730mm
    Insulation resistance between the rack and rail: ≥ 1MΩ
    Weight: ≤ 75kg
    Go row dimension (L × B × H): 1620 × 580 × 737mm
    Operating Efficiency: 500m / h (unilateral)
2, power sector
    The machine is powered by imported gasoline, rubber fixed with a bolt and shock absorption in the engine seat, through the slider-type flexible coupling, the drive gear operations, the chain driven by the driving wheel rotating clutch bodies.
3, mechanical clutch and close ballast bodies
    Press the operating handle, the driven wheel ballast to bring pressure to close, so close by the friction of recovery into the ballast with a collection box with the movement, thus boosting revenue collection ballast and ballast rake up the purpose of slope shaping.
4, a scalable line of institutions to go
    Running round after the installation of the slide tube designed to be flexible and scalable structure that will receive ballast machine pushed off road, the sliding tube slide inward to ensure that no intrusion upon the following Road and bound.

Five, the operation
1, on the Road to prepare before:
  (1) The Gasoline for use, add a little gasoline and gasoline engine oil.
  (2) start the gasoline engine, to operate at rated speed 5 minutes, then press the operating handle 10. Determine the income ballast machine parts working properly before they can work on the Road. Failure on the Road with non-machine operation.
  (3) on the Road, before the tables were examined with a 500 megohm frame and insulation resistance between rail and its resistance is less than 1MΩ.
  (4) set the protection required.
  (5) driving back and forth sliding tube 5, to be scalable and flexible, no hysteresis phenomenon. Ensure that the SBJ-01 slope-type light shaping function income ballast fast, safe under the Road, not invasive, "bound."
2, on the Road
  (1) on the Road, the income received ballast ballast rake in a fixed position on the machine.
  (2) on the Road, it will slide off tube locking pin into the hole, locking sliding tube in preparation for the Road.
  (3) Raise the income ballast machine Road, to receive ballast machine fell on rail wheel of moving surface.
3, to close ballast operation
  (1) the income is subject to a ballast rake pulled ballast ballast’s Office.
  (2) received into the ballast within the ballast rake up to a certain depth.
  (3) Press the operating handle, to close with a drive ballast receive ballast rake movement, the income position of the ballast to achieve recovery, the release operating handle, or complete a collection ballast operation.
  (4) Repeat the above operations, ongoing operating income ballast.
4, operating under the Road
  (1) normal to next: press operating handle, so that income received ballast ballast rake machine to close at a fixed location, the engine shut down, and then closing under the track ballast machine lift. Pull down tube locking pin, the slide tube slide inward to the limit position, locking sliding tube
  (2) under the Road Emergency: In case of emergency, pull the locking pin drop tube, hand-held handle under the Road will receive ballast machine lift off the track, at the same time, slide tube slide inward to ensure rapid resumption ballast function, Safe Road, not invasive, "Bound."